Shame, Shame Shah Rukh

7 Aug

Shah Rukh Khan, arguably the world’s most famous actor should withdraw his support for “Fair and Handsome” skin-lightening cream for men.

Until then, he has claimed the top spot on our “Wall of Shame.”

As Shah Rukh Khan heads into his 5th or 6th year of skin-whitening product endorsements, we can only imagine the psychological anxiety he has been able to create.  See a 2007 BBC magazine article for when SRK made a clear choice of cash over conscience.

For those not familiar with SRK, if someone in the US had the combined star power of Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan, Clint Eastwood, and Justin Beiber (at their peaks), that would only begin to touch SRK’s power in India.  It’s as if a god had come to the earth.

Nearly everything else he does is quite honorable, but what is this SRK?  Shame, shame.


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